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    I am one of the largest rudraksha, dealer in nepal rudraksha,.last 15 years I will give 100% Genuine napel rudraksh very low price all over India. and world wide. lot of rudraksha  web site owners astrologers purchase to me, ofter  that sale in market.  there is big difference my rate  other rates I will Deale  1 to 24 face nepel rudraksha beads See my best wholesale rudraksh bead price list.
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Siddha mala nepal hyderabad Siddha hyderabad Rudraksha hyderabad indonepal rudraksha hyderabad




Rudraksha beads 1 to 23 face

ek mukhi rudraksha          Two Faced Rudraksh           Three Face Rudraksha        4 Mukhi Rudraksha
Price 1500 Rupes             Price 30 Rupes                         Price 30 Rupes                    Price 30 Rupes

5 faced rudraksha                6 faced rudraksha                      7 faced rudraksha                8 faced rudraksha
Price 30 Rupes                     Price 30 Rupes                          Price 220 Rupes                  Price 930 Rupes
Nine face rudraksha         Ten face rudraksha                      Eleven face rudraksha        twelve face rudraksha
Price 1399 Rupes                 Price1390 Rupes                             Price2050 Rupes               Price 2390Rupes
Thirteen mukhi rudraksh      Fourteen face rudraksha bead    15 face rudraksha             gauri shankar rudraksh
Price 4500 Rupes               Price 15800 Rupes                     Price 15800 Rupes           Price 2350 Rupes
 Sixteen Face Rudraksha       Seventeen Face Rudraksha           Ganesh rudraksha
Price 20000 Rupes                 Price 50000 Rupes                      Price 225 Rupes

Siddha mala

            1 to 14 face Rudraksha siddha mala Price 36000 Rupes 

contact wholesale Nepal Rudraksha bead low price  09849728764

Rudraksha Forest

Rudraksha Forest     Rudraksha tree       Rudraksha Forest nepal    nepal Rudraksha Forest

Rudraksh 1 to 23 face collector beads

one face rudraksha                                                                   
 1 Mukhi rudraksha        2 Mukhi Rudraksha             3 Mukhi Rudraksha      4Mukhi Rudraksha
Price 2000 Rupes             Price 700 Rupes                      Price 300 Rupes              Price 50 Rupes

5 Mukhi rudraksha          6 Mukhi Rudraksha            7 Mukhi Rudraksha           8Mukhi Rudraksha
Price 50 Rupes                    Price 50 Rupes                      Price 300 Rupes                  Price 1300 Rupes


9 Mukhi rudraksha          10 Mukhi Rudraksha          11 Mukhi Rudraksha      12Mukhi Rudraksha
Price 1750 Rupes             Price 1650 Rupes                 Price 2600 Rupes               Price 3400 Rupes


13 Mukhi rudraksha          14 Mukhi Rudraksha            15 Mukhi Rudraksha    16Mukhi Rudraksha
Price 6500 Rupes               Price 20000 Rupes                 Price 19000 Rupes            Price 24000 Rupes

17 Mukhi rudraksha          18 Mukhi Rudraksha           19 Mukhi Rudraksha        20 Mukhi Rudraksha
Price 65000 Rupes             Price 90000 Rupes                 Price 300000 Rupes          Price 500000 Rupes

21 Mukhi rudraksha          22 Mukhi Rudraksha            23 Mukhi Rudraksha        gauri shankar rudraksh
Price 850000 Rupes             call for Pricing                       call for Pricing                   Price 3000 Rupes

contact wholesale Nepal Rudraksh low price  09849728764

Rudraksh siddhamala 27+_1

1 half moon-1 bead 8 Face to 14 Mukhi 1 each beads Ganesh -1
2 Face x 3 beads
3 Face x 3 beads
4 Face x 2 beads
5 Face x 3 beads
6 Face x 3 beads
7 Face x 3 beads total 27+ 1 beads Price 45000 Rupes

    contact wholesale Nepal Rudraksh low price  09849728764
10 mm rosary price 240        8 mm rosary price 340       5 mm rosary price 640      3 mm rosary price 1300

Indonesian Rudraksh (Java beads)

Two Face Java Rudraksha      2 face Java Rudraksha     Three Face Java Rudraksha    Four Face Java Rudraksha
Price 300 Rupes                     big Price 800 Rupes         Price 20 Rupes                       Price 20 Rupes
Five Face Java Rudraksha     Six Face Java Rudraksha    Seven Face JavaRudraksha     Eight Face Java Rudraksha
Price 20 Rupes                      Price 20 Rupes                   Price 99 Rupes                       Price 425 Rupes  

Nine Face Java Rudraksha  Ten Face JavaRudraksha   Eleven Face Java Rudraksha  Twelve Face Java Rudraksha
Price 900 Rupes                      Price 900 Rupes              Price 1200 Rupes                     Price 1700 Rupes
Thirteen Face Java Rudraksha    Fourteen Face Java Rudraksha   Fiften Face Java Rudraksha        16 face
Price 2400 Rupes                      Price 4500 Rupes                        Price 4500 Rupes                     Price 5000 Rupes
Seventeen Face Java Rudraksha   Eighteen  Face Java Rudraksha   19 Face Java Rudraksha        20 face
Price 10500 Rupes                      Price 18000 Rupes                        Price 24400 Rupes              Price 65000
21 face rudraksha             gauri shankar rudraksh
Price 95000Rupes            Price 1500 Rupes  

contact wholesale Nepal Rudrakshas low price  09849728764


Ruby gem ct 400 Rs       Ruby gemstons ct 600 Rs             Ruby gems ct 700 Rs        Ruby stone ct 1500 Rs   

yellosaphri gem ct 800 Rs  yellosaphri gemstons ct 1000 Rs  yellosaphri gems ct 3000Rs  yellosaphri stone ct 5000
white saphri gem ct 1500 Rs  whitesaphri gemstons ct 2000 Rs whitesaphri gems ct 3000 whitesaphri ct 3800 Rs
emerald gem ct 400 Rs       emerald gemstons ct 1000 Rs     emerald gems 2800 Rs      emerald stone ct 5000 Rs

catseye ct 300 Rs                cats eye gemstons ct 400 Rs        cats eye gem ct 350 Rs    cats eye stone ct 550 Rs
Pearl ct 100 Rs Pearl                  gemstons ct 200 Rs          Moonstone ct 150 Rs       Moon stone gem ct 150 Rs
white coral ct 150 Rs                Redcoral ct 250 Rs             Red coral ct gem 250 Rs         Red coral ganesh ct 300
   Gomed stone ct 150 Rs      Gomed gemstons ct 250 Rs        Gomed gem stons ct 880 Rs    navarthana mala 600

bulesapphier stone ct 450 Rs   bulesapphier gemstons ct 1150 Rs bulesapphier gem stons ct 2550 Rs   ct 5000
topaz gem ct 250 Rs                    topaz gemstone ct 350 Rs                     dimond                  pendant 400RS                                                                     
Amethyst gem ct 200 Rs              Amethyst gemstone ct 300 Rs             Amethyst gem stone ct 300 Rs

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Rudraksha Nepal Rudraksh wholesale & low price  09849728764
contact  naga sai tharun 08297383167

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